Adventures in Science

Royal Institution of Australia (RiAus)

Defying the laws of nature. Again.
On the possibility of resurrecting extinct species.

Review: Drugs in Sport
In which I was recruited to review an event about sport, despite knowing nothing about the topic.

The Creature That Has Never Been Seen
Paleodictyon nodosum: a living fossil; never seen?

Attack of the (Robot) Bees!
Biologists are increasingly turning to robots to help them understand the animal mind. Here, I outline the advantages of this approach, and quote The Lion King.

Dogs Tell Tails
Do you own a dog? Is it wagging its tail at you? If so, you are looking at a powerful symbol of evolution, brain structure and raw emotion. Honest.

How Well Do You Know Antarctica?
It's not all cold, it's teeming with life and it's surprisingly green: the other side of Antarctica.

Travelling Through Time
The science of DOCTOR WHO! feat. pandas

Selected Writing

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But How Do They Know...?

...the last common ancestor of gorillas and humans lived 10 million years ago?

...those beef burgers contained horse meat DNA?

Science correspondent

I was the inuagural science correspondent for the University of Birmingham student newspaper Redbrick. Here's what we managed to publish with no notice and only one term left until graduation:

The science of sleep | Radiation poisoning | Twins
The advantages of space travel | Skin cancer | Global warming
The psychology of Stockholm Syndrome | Animal testing 


Bishop, S. When autumn falls. Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology 10, 238-239 (2009)

Bishop, S. A fertility network. Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology 10, 443 (2009)

(I blogged on scientific writing conventions to assist understanding of these Highlight articles: see Jingo Jargon)

Hidalgo, A., Kato, K., Sutcliffe, B., McIlroy, G., Bishop, S. & AlAhmed, S. Trophic neuron-glia interactions and cell number adjustments in the fruit fly. Glia 59, 1296- 1303 (2011)


I have produced materials for a number of talks, workshops and outreach activities. Resources that can be made public will be linked to below.

A Christmas lecture presented to 300 Year 7 (ages 11-12) pupils, co-written and presented by Alex Gavin (left), Paul Coleman, Jennifer Morris, Mei-Ann Lim and myself. Click the link for explanations, setup and videos.

Using Twitter as a Doctoral Researcher
A #tgsfridays lecture for the University of Birmingham
Graduate School. Hosted by SlideShare.

- Nervous system crossword
- Genetics crossword
- Mendelian genetics puzzle

The Animal Pairs Game
An activity on the theme of taxonomy and animal classification, for all ages. Hosted by SlideShare.