Thursday, 29 October 2020



if by chance you still subscribe to this site: hello, thanks for sticking with me

if you've stumbled upon this site by some other means: hello, thanks for stopping by

my name is Simon, and i used to write; i miss it

so i'm going to start again

specifically, in 2014 i wrote a series called 'Places', which turned into a series less about places and more about moments. we're in quite the moment now, and there's a lot on my mind. 

so i'm going to try something like that again

it may not be monthly, as that series was, it may not even be hosted here, and it may not be prose or travel writing

so, why?

a lot has happened since i last posted here. i moved to the other side of the world for two years and, three and a half years later, i'm still here; i changed careers; i signed divorce papers. i've had my head down, surviving

this week i had my first holiday in a long long time, on wiradjuri country. seedlings of ideas started to poke out through the hard, compacted soil of my mind

among other things, i realised i need an outlet

i don't know if anyone will read what is to come; i don't know how long this will last

but here goes