Monday, 1 July 2013

The Annual Sabine Lisicki Blog Post

I started following Lisicki after the 2011 AEGON Classic, where I watched four players - 3 giants and Lisicki, the unknown wildcard - of whom Lisicki was hands down the best, most refreshing, happiest player. I chose her because she smiled.

I had no idea that she would become a notorious giant killer: Marion Bartoli, Na Li, Maria Sharapova and, as of today, Serena Williams. Superb stuff.


Unknown said...

When people were saying it was a surprise I was thinking "It's not, it's not, Simon has been sying she is great for years"

Simon said...

Hehe I fear I may have a bit of a reputation now!
I cheered a lot on Monday (by myself, since I was alone, at home)