Monday, 16 July 2012

Return of the Mullet Hunter

I'M pleased to announce that I've been helping out Simon Varwell on the sequel to Up The Creek Without A Mullet, which I previously reviewed on this blog. In fact, it is because of that review that Simon and I began to work together, and I've really enjoyed being involved in the editing process.

Simon has written some very nice things about me over on his blog, which I urge you to read - not for the compliments, but for the latest news on the book. I have the final draft open at this very moment, giving it a final check through.

The whole process has inspired me to do more editing work. I've enjoyed it greatly but being a bit busy in PhDland I've not had the opportunity or spare time to do much. Certainly I would consider returning to the trade once the thesis has been submitted. The future seems a far off and scary place, but it's nice to see possibilities and ideas opening up.

Anyway, Simon's post is here. I urge you to give his first book a go too, which is available... here.