Monday, 19 December 2011


I HAD scheduled a number of 'Things We Like At Christmas' posts to automatically post, one a day, throughout this week. But circumstances have changed - a family member has fallen very sick, very suddenly, and it strikes me as insensitive to allow such frivolous festive observations to appear to be my only focus at this time. Today's post published before I could get to a computer to cancel it.

Things we like at Christmas? Family: safe, happy and well. We continue to pray.

UPDATE 31/12/11: We got the best Christmas present we could ever ask for in the form of a phone call on Christmas morning from the family member referred to above. Things are on the mend but for every few steps forward to recovery there have also been setbacks. Things are still sensitive and upsetting so I therefore won't be talking about it here, but I plan to return to writing as soon as I can - if nothing else because that person is one of the main supporters of my writing and a frequent visitor to these pages. I'd like there to be plenty of nice things for her to read when she next comes by.

Things we like about Christmas #9

TRYING to guess who has sent us a Christmas card from the handwriting on the envelope. Matching the postmark to the handwriting can carry a surprising level of intrigue!