Monday, 31 October 2011

Love Wins

THERE'S an interesting review of the latest book by Rob Bell, Love Wins, on Amazon. It draws a neat analogy for the book with a five hundred-year old piece of artwork - a wooden rhinoceros; this for a review of a book about heaven and hell.

In 1515, Albrecht Dürer produced a woodcut of a rhinoceros based merely on descriptions of the animal, having never seen one himself. He gave it a suit of armour and a small horn on its neck. In subsequent years, despite the increasing ability to paint from life of rhinos at first hand, many artists continued to paint an armoured creature because the armoured rhino of Dürer's woodcut had become the standard, the definitive image. In spite of the evidence - actual rhinos, not wearing armour - the general populace continued to be presented with images of a beast laden with metal plating, a fearsome semi-mechanical creature of war. And that was what many assumed a rhino to look like.

Monday, 10 October 2011

The cruelty of a PhD

TEN months of failed experiments later... (click image for larger version)