Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Things we like about Christmas #7

Carol services and Christmas events. Unfortunately, I haven't managed to go to a carol service this year, but I have fond memories of services in the past. Last year's service at Christ Church Cockfosters had gospel, rock, traditional and operatic styles all perfectly arranged (music director David is underrated for the work he puts into the worship at the church) and Rachel and I hold a certain university carol service in the Great Hall with particular fondness, for we would consider something that happened there a pivotal moment in our relationship.

Instead, this year, I have seen two nativities. One, led by a youth group of Pavilion in Bournville, was the nativity story as interpreted by Hollywood. In it, after a message from an Angel of Charlie, Mary falls pregnant. She and Joesph go to Bethl... Beverley Hills from their home in Naza... Nashville, Tennessee, to give birth. Unfortunately, there is no room in the inn, because a portal to a parallel dimension has opened and cybermen have taken all of the rooms. Not to worry, they are offered the strange, small blue box that recently materialized outside to stay in.

"But it's so small!"
"It's bigger on the inside."

When Jesus was born, the shepherds, wise men and additional extra teenagers held him aloft to the opening music of the Lion King. Technical hitches meant this had to be chanted in person.

It was all very silly but enjoyable.


Unknown said...

That Nativity sounds amazing and unlike any I have ever seen. I need to make it see some next year, I think the ship has sailed on that for this year.

PH said...

I keep thinking I should write a Join Me Pantomime at some point. This is one of those things I will never get around to doing.

Maybe I should go for a Join Me Nativity instead...

That Nativity does sound amazing, as Siobhan says.

Simon said...

I like the sound of the Join Me pantomime :)