Monday, 21 December 2009

Things we like about Christmas #5

Unexpected discoveries. In the car back to Devon today with Ben and Jenny (thanks for the lift guys) we listened to Now That's What I Call Xmas. Christmas music often drives me crazy, but I've been oddly receptive to it this year. Thankfully so, for the compilation presented us with the hilarious and hitherto unheard of Never do the Tango with an Eskimo, which reached number 6 in 1955.

Kerrang! radio has also been providing much amusement with its own attempt at positive, uplifting Christmas songs, including:

Oh Christmas tree
Oh Christmas tree
I can't afford you Christmas tree

Oh Christmas tree
Oh Christmas tree

I'm in negative equity

and one that begins:

Good King Wenceslas went out
Didn't take a condom

You can guess where that one leads...

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