Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Is Kazakhstan the "Seat of Satan"? No. Grow Up.

AT 2,724,900 square kilometres, Kazakhstan is the ninth biggest country in the world. Just digest that for a moment: the ninth biggest. Given such enormity, I challenge you to give more than two facts about the place. You might know that it has oil and gas, and that it is one of the 'stans and therefore somewhere in the middle of Asia. But can you name its capital? Its president?

Years ago I discovered that Kazakhstan was the ninth biggest country in the world and considered the above. For such an enormous place, where was it in world events? Why does the West never hear about it? Something must happen there, surely? And so began a fascination about it. I will admit that I am not very well read on the country, and have never visited it, but I wish to share a little of what I know, because in an unexpected way, the country is under attack.