Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Another Multicoloured Blog

Hello again Simon Says fans, time for another Multicoloured Blog to update you on the travels of Simon, as he hasn't found a computer good enough to blog on(/through??) yet.

Currently, he is on a bus somewhere in Tasmania between Hobart and Port Arthur. He thinks Tasmania is "beautiful and stunning", and has vowed to return and climb Cradle Mountain- I'll hold him to that! Unfortunately he hasn't managed to see a tasmanian devil yet, but he has seen a wild wombat and echidna! He has also had some grief from the bank (jealousy, probably) which has led to some telephone difficulties, and the discovery that to call a UK mobile costs $4 for 30 seconds!

All in all, he would like you to know he's having a Very Nice Time apart from some food related issues, namely finding the time and inclination to eat properly. However, enough people have objected to this that he is now making a good effort to avoid pot noodles.

That's all from Tasmania for now, lets hope Simon finds a decent computer soon so you all don't have to put up with my ramblings again!

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