Wednesday, 19 September 2007


The observant ones among you may have realised that I am not your dear blogger Simon Bishop. I have momentarily seized control of his turf to update you on his travels- and because I'm a girl, I'm going to do it in pretty colours.

It seems, all in all, that he is having a brilliant time, and is happy to have not been eaten by anything with more teeth than brains. What makes him the most happy, however, is his foresight in packing a good supply of tea. Thus he also seems to be doing well to cement stereotypes of the English abroad!

I’ll leave you with a brief summary of his recent work in Deepest Darkest Australia:

Conservation project is going really well. We got there about 12 yesterday, met the owner Dave who took us onto the land for a spot of weeding. The area used to be a farm so it's grazing land that splits the rainforest in two, and now that Dave owns it he's trying to repair the damage and bring back the rainforest so animal communities in both forests can now get between habitats. It'll take him years but CVA are helping out - we can't plant as it's too dry at the moment but we can weed things like lantana and ragweed and remove barbed wire fences in the rainforest originally for cattle. It's great we can just wander through the rainforest and frankly I'm jealous Dave owns it all. Top bloke too, been chatting to him about last year's cyclone and echidnas and all sorts.”

P.S. I'm very sorry this hasn't been delivered in the stylish prose to which you are accustomed!

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