Tuesday, 31 July 2007


SOMEWHERE in the annals of blog history, legend tells of a blog - nay, a column - which regularly permeated the consciousness of a subset of Internet readers throughout the historic year of two thousand and six. Yet it's author, distracted by proper work and newspaper commitments, hung up his quill and laid the site to rest as Big Ben welcomed in 2007.

But the author never fully went away. He tapped away on his computer keyboard, working on projects and commitments throughout the first half of that year, and slowly came to the realisation that he quite liked this blog lark, and wanted to start one anew. A new blog for the new, happier soul he had become. A fresh start.

So he set up a new page, at the more browser-friendly Blogger site. He sprinkled it with trinkets and charms from other web projects and rescued his favourite bits from his old site. He christened it "Simon Says...", and unleashed it upon the world.

History suggests good thing are to come, but is uncertain what will become of the future, what with it not having happened yet.

In short, this is my new blog. Full of new things, fresh ideas, travel excerpts from my forthcoming hop around the world and lots of pretty pictures. I'll also put up bits and bobs from the old blog and all sorts of gubbins to keep you entertained while you visit.

Thanks for all the support so far, I hope you'll come by again.