Wednesday, 26 January 2011

'Cos love's such an old fashioned word

Originally published in January 2011; removed then republished (redacted) in Feb 2016

I am happy.

Today, the craziest week I think I have ever had at work took a turn for the better: for the first time in many days I feel like I am regaining control of my professional life. Projects and plans have had to take a backseat; eleven hour days and not much sleep came hand in hand; but today saw the first signs that I might be getting on top of my quadrupled workload. Sunday was my only day off in the last two weeks, and it proved to be a good Sunday. I played my guitar in the Pavilion in the morning and then Rachel and I, along with Rachel's friend Helen who was staying with us, went to the Ikon Gallery.

The entire gallery was exhibiting only the work of Len Lye, a pioneer of motion and kinetic art, including his films and moving sculptures. We began on the top floor, where Lye's kinetic sculptures were given the acres of space they deserved - bits of metal wibbled, wobbled and clashed in remarkably specific ways to make ripples of light in a darkened room, a calamitous cacophony not unlike the wind of a hurricane, and movements mesmerising, unnatural and alarming at the same time.

Downstairs a handful of paintings, showing off Lye's Māori, Aboriginal and Polynesian influences, played second fiddle to his animations and groundbreaking film work, of which my favourite was the video above. The film, called Colour Box, was made in 1935, the effects achieved by painting patterns directly on to the film itself. Note the subtle marketing techniques also...

There is no point to this post, other than to remark on a Sunday oasis amidst chaos at work. I'm half way out of the dark.

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