Friday, 29 May 2009

Comment is free

I HAVE been aware for some time that I never get any comments on the posts that I put up here. But because I have focused so much on what I have been trying to say and on making things look pretty, I never once noticed that this could be because there is no button for you to press to leave a comment.

There should, according to my settings, be a little link at the bottom of every post stating the number of comments and directing you to a commenting page. The peculiar thing is that this DID once exist, because I got a snotty little comment once about my criticisms of the Johnstone River Crocodile Farm, and another snotty comment telling me that the Dutch, not the Portugeuse, first discovered Australia. Criticism is healthy, although positive comments are also appreciated.

After delving into settings I didn't know I had I seem to have rescued the function to add comments, but that little link at the bottom of every post is still missing in action.

So, since comment is free and discussion is marvellous, please do feel free to join in with my adventures as normal service is resumed.


Rory said...

See, I thought you had deliberately turned off comments! I have wanted to respond in the past and searched in vain for the little link. Good to know that I can now!

Simon said...

Aha, do feel free to go back and read through and post comments where you wanted to before! :)

I feel silly for not noticing this until now. Apparently it all went wrong when I started playing and adding widgets. They mess up my template it seems, regardless of the settings.

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