Saturday, 9 August 2008

Re: If You Pick A Raw Paw

LAST year, as I was travelling through Fiji, we sat through a hurricane scare. I tell everyone the story, making it far more interesting and melodramatic than the simple comment 'hurricane missed, everything OK' I published at the time - I usually start the story with the phrase "I thought it was a bit windy".

If you are interested may I direct you to this link from BBC News about the effects of the cyclone, categorised as 'severe tropical cyclone Daman'; a category 4 (Australian Bureau of Meteorology scale) hurricane with a Beaufort Scale ranking of 12 - this is not the same as a category 4 hurricane in the North Atlantic or Pacific, which is ranked according to the Saffir-Simpson scale: see here for a comparison.

Read 'If You Pick A Raw Paw' here.

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