Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Leaving On A Jet Plane

LAST night, as I was driving towards Sidmouth for one final drink in Dukes, the sun set in the most staggeringly beautiful fashion. The blue sky merged into the clouds with an orange aura, the clouds themselves glowing with pinks and purples. Then, as I arrived in Sidmouth, a full moon reflected off the tranquil sea, a gentle shimmer set against the rock jetties and tourists ambling in the warmth. It reminded me quite how much I will miss my home in East Devon.

It has been months in the planning, but at the end of this week, my friend Jeannette and I will be jetting off to exotic climes and exciting locations, and we won't be returning until Christmas. I will try and keep a diary on this page, keep you up to date with our daily adventures and try and share some of my findings, but in the meanwhile I'll just outline the plan.

United Kingdom Singapore Australia New Zealand Fiji United States of America

Sat 1st Sept (Arrive Sunday 2nd):
London Heathrow - Singapore

Sat 8th Sept (Arrive Sunday 9th):
Singapore - Cairns, Australia via Darwin

Fri 14th Sept- Fri 28th Sept:
Conservation Volunteers Australia project, near Cairns

...meander down the Golden Coast, including the Whitsundays, Byron Bay, Fraser Island, the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney, Brisbane and on and on until...

Fri 2nd Nov:
Melbourne - Hobart, Tasmania

Fri 9th Nov:
Hobart - Melbourne; Melbourne - Christchurch, New Zealand

...circle the South island, potter around in lots of wonderful and gorgeous places, send lots of postcards, swim to the North island, wave at a Maori and visit One Tree Hill until...

Sat 1st Dec:
Auckland - Nadi, Fiji

...sail the ocean blue, sip cocktails, cruise the archipelago and hide from cyclones...

Tues 11th Dec:
Nadi - Los Angeles, USA; LA - Washington DC

... 'ooh' and 'aah' at the White House, possibly catch an internal flight to Missouri, somehow end up in Boston, drink some tea and finally...

Sat 22nd Dec (Arrive Sun 23rd):
Boston - London Heathrow

During this time I have but a few desires. Firstly, I wish to see a real, live and wild Echidna. In addition, I simply must see a Big Thing. Plus, because I believe in entertaining national stereotypes, I sincerely hope to meet an Australian couple with the names Bruce and Sheila and have a deep desire to wear a hat with dangling corks whilst cooking a shrimp on the barbie.

I'll keep you posted.

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